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Tips On How To Be An Outstanding PUGB Player

There is a fundamental need for each player to be smart in how she or he plays to ensure that survival is enhanced. In this article we will be looking at some of the tips you need to use to be an outstanding player. These tips can help you get your first chicken dinner. You should begin by carefully thinking about and selecting your dropping site when you are taking part in PUGB. This is because cause of the more significant impact it has on the very first minutes of your play. A recommendation for those who are new to playing PUGB is that they should consider an early dropping.

The positive side of this is that you can drop with many jets which is a vital strategy in your play. This is because this takes you to combat that ensure that you train on shooting methods and melee first hand. The second tip is that you should always be very interested in the audio clues that you may hear through your headsets as explained in this blog. The signals are essential as they assist you in determining where other players are located, and these are cues like bullets, car sounds and footsteps as shown in this blog.

This blog advises you to use your headphones that should be kept very safe as they will offer you clear cues. To avoid destroying your headsets, this blog will show you some of the tips you can apply to keep them safe. Therefore it is vital to read this blog to know more about the methods you can use to keep your headset safe. To also be a good PUGB player, you are advised to ensure w that you are always beyond the blue wall of playing.

You need to ensure that as you are running, looting and shooting, you focus on the blue wall that will ensure that you stay in the playable area. There is also a requirement that you ensure that you always steal soon and more often when you are playing PUGB. For instance when you drop, you should move quickly to the nearby buildings where you will get the first dibs of the most significant weapons.

This is the same time that you need to also pick as many as you can of the healing supplies such as energy drinks, med lists, bandages among other things. Finally, you are advised to play safe at some moments. With this I mean taking cover in the nearest buildings. You then set up traps that are well placed. This is a way of warning more kills without blowing your cover.