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Why Dimensional Shingles are the Best Roofing Materials

Dimensional shingles have gained popularity in just a few years of being in the market. This is because apart from their affordability, they are also long-lasting. They also come with a warranty. The key features of these shingles are that they are three dimensional which gives the roof a visual appeal like that of the tiled roof. The shingles are easy to install, and that is the main advantage with them. They are also resistant to the natural elements. When compared to wood shake, metal, or tile roofing materials, dimensional shingles are remarkably cheaper. However, a number of people are neglecting to use asphalt shingles since they have a short lifespan when compared to other materials. But these modern shingles are the best because they are wind and fire resistant and comes with an extended durability warranty.

Therefore, dimensional shingles are the best roofing alternative compared with the asphalt shingles that were there in the past. Dimensional shingles are relatively affordable and easy to install making them the best option for perfect roofing material. Unlike the traditional asphalt shingles that provides a smooth and flat appearance, dimensional shingles give your home a much-textured look close to that of a cedar shake roof. This is due to their raised profile that provides any roof with a high end and beautiful contour. They are also available in different colors just like the traditional asphalt shingles which makes them a lovely compliment to any home design.

Dimensional shingles have a more extended warranty that comes from the manufacturers. However this has also changed, and now they come with a lifetime limited warranty which puts them on the same level as metal, slate or tile roofing. There are various styles that are available with these three-dimensional shingles. Therefore, you can choose the best design which will give you a look you desire. Their installation is easy if you hire a reputable roofing contractor. Dimensional shingles are cost-effective much cheaper comparing with the other roofing materials. This is an advantage when it comes to selecting your desired roofing materials. Their overall look, affordability, durability and lifetime limited warranty is what makes these roofing materials very popular.

Therefore, if you are looking for a better alternative when it comes to your roofing materials, these dimensional shingles are the best in many ways. Especially with the lifetime limited warranty, they have become the first option with many people. They are also the first choice for many homeowners, builders, architects, and even roofing contractors. And another major attraction to dimensional shingles is that apart from their simple installation process, they are also easy to maintain. The most important part of your house is the roof. We depend on it to keep us safe, dry and warm especially in the winter season, and cool in the summer season. Dimensional shingles are made with a much stronger base and more layers of roof material. This ensures that these shingles are also able to withstand strong winds. With their extreme weather and wind resistance, dimensional shingles are therefore your perfect choice when it comes to roofing materials.

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