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The Ultimate SEO Guide To Get Your Site To The Top

The telltale sign of effective SEO is getting to that coveted first page of Google. As the crowd gets bigger, the atmosphere becomes more competitive, with thousands – if not millions – of people trying their hardest to get to the very first page of search engines. But the great thing is this company will gear you up with the knowledge you need to get there – no need to hire a professional!

You may already know this company, but if you don’t get on the first page for a specific search term, especially the one that fits your market, you might as well not get on any of those pages at all. This harsh opinion is brought about by the fact that the site that appears on top of the first page will garner a whopping 34% of the total clicks for the term that is looked up, while even the topmost site at the second page will generate only less than 1%! So if your search term of choice is looked up 15,000 times within a single month, this company on the eleventh place (first one on the second page) will only get 150 hits, not at all close to giving you the strong flow of potential customers that you so desire.

So how do you get to the absolute top when every other pair of eyes is fixed on that prize? SEO does not have to be complicated to give you the results you need, so here is some advice that even a beginner will find absolutely useful.

The quality of your backlinks
The main principle used to be that the more backlinks or links point back to the website that you have, the more popular it will be. Google has tweaked the algorithm to prioritize relevant website that contain quality backlinks, so make sure the website of this company focuses on that rather than the number of backlinks.

Look for the most relevant keyword
It is fundamental to the SEO success of this company that you would rather fix your eyes upon those terms that specifically apply to your niche or are more relevant to your target market, rather than those broad terms that generate more searches yet are too broad to give room for you. It is better to rank high on a niche term than make it to the top 30 of a famous yet broad keyword that might not even give you potential customers, only people who are looking for something that this company does not offer.

Make use of social media
Getting people to post on social media about your products or service is equivalent to spreading by word of mouth in real life, which will drive more people to this company website of yours by arousing curiosity, as well as provide more links to your content thus contributing to your overall ranking.

Remember that these are just some SEO tips, make sure to read more and apply them!

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