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Things you should know Before Having Cataract Surgery

Some of the main effects of having cataracts include cloudy vision, double vision, and glare. Cataracts are very common among people. However, the technological advancements which have engulfed modern medicine have allowed the diagnosis and treatment of cataracts to be an easy process. The best treatment for cataracts is cataract surgery. After the surgery, your vision will improve, and you can return to your regular duties. The main definition of cataracts is that it is a condition in which people have cloudy eyes and they do not see properly. The cataract surgery involves removing the cloudy lens in your eyes and the doctor will replace it with a clear artificial lens. The procedure is very safe and you do not need to be worried.

The leading cause of cataracts is injuring the tissues of your lens. People who are suffering from diabetes can also have cataracts. In case you have family members who have the condition, there is a higher chance that you will also get the condition. The probability of you spotting cataract symptoms in your eyes are low, which means that you will not be able to notice when the condition is forming in your eyes. In case you cannot see clearly when you are driving, for your safety you need to have the surgery. If you are getting blurred imaged when watching television you should have the cataract surgery.

During cataract surgery you will be under anesthesia, and you will not feel any pain in the entire surgery. During the surgery, the doctor will slit the open the cloudy lens and remove it. The final step of the surgery is to place in the new lens. Some people compare cataract surgery with Lasik, but the two procedures are different. Cataract surgery is very safe, and there are only a few incidences where things have taken a wrong turn.

Before the surgery, the doctor will have to measure the size and shape of your eye. Before you get into the surgery, you need to put antibiotic eye drops on your eyes. It is important to refrain from drinking and eating anything before the cataract surgery. It does not take a lot of time to recover from cataract surgery.

If you came to the hospital with your car, you need to look for someone to drive you back home. After the surgery you should protect your eyes from any form of bacteria. When recovering from the cataract surgery, you will have to use specific eye drops to improve your eyesight. It is imperative to inquire how much the surgical procedure costs.