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Tips in Order to Survive an Active Shooter Situation

In the record, it is over 300 mass shooting that are currently happen for last a year. There are so many civilians were being killed and injured because of the mass shooting incident. Able to know what to do when there is an active shooter will give you a chance to leave and if you don’t know what to do will find you dead. Now, if this happen then are you ready or do you know what are your first move? Here you can be able to learn what are the tips that may help you to survive from any active shooter situation.

If you are located in the building, then find your possible exits. In finding the exits, you must avoid to use the elevators because it can be easily opened outside by pressing the button. Always have a presence of mind of your vulnerability when you are going to run into the exit doors.

You must look for a cover that will make you hide and out of the eye view of the active shooter. You can use closet, behind the door or under the table and find other materials that will cover you.

If the vital organs of your body will hit by the bullet, then it will make you slow or possibility you will be dead.

Although taking down the active shooter is more dangerous and stressful, sometimes there are situations that you can do it. When doing the communication be sure that you stay calm and do not make any wrong move that will put you to death.

Doing basic first aid to yourself and to the other will give you an opportunity to survive. In order to stop any bleeding, you must be able to know basic first aid .

Sixth move to do is that help the police to identify the shooter but make it clear to them that you are not the active shooter. Lifting your arms and spreading your arms gives the police officer and idea that you are not armed with any weapon and easy them to recognize that you are civilian.

By knowing the plans of your school or workplace, you will be able to prepare the situation. Also, it is good to learn more about the active shooter or terrorist response courses so that you can train all the more how to survive the active shooting situation. Check out these helpful articles that will help you for the future to come because we cannot tell what will be going to happen.